Are you healthy enough to read this?

Health is wealth

Most of you, reading this article might be familiar with the line quoted prior to it. In this 21st century of this modern era, most of us don't wanna listen someone's advice on a daily basis. It seems quite annoying. No one bothers what the person sitting next to them is doing. Electronic gadgets now seems oxygen and water to us. Not even a single moment we wanna stay away from these stuffs. Beside these devices, our diet has also turned so unhealthy. Daily consumption of junk food makes us feel rich. Many young men playing mobile games skip several meals and sleeps to continuously play these games day and night. 

Exercises and yogas seem traditional and waste of time to this youth. Instead of waking at early morning and doing pranayams they prefer to wake till late night. On account of which today's youth is getting lethargic and unhealthy day-by-day. 

With the prediction of its long-term practice our prime minister along with the ministry of Ayush and health has decided to take a initiative for a healthy future via the international yoga day celebration. He, himself is approaching the youth mass to do regular exercises and yoga through National television and many social media platforms. After hundreds of efforts this issue cannot be solved until we start the change from our side. 

Be the change you want to see in this world

Eat healthy and stay healthy.

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  1. I bother about the person sitting next to meπŸ˜…. Btw beautifully penned partner ❤️. Keep going πŸ‘


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