RESERVATION - An uprising controversy

           All of us have definitely heard the term " Reservation " in Indian democracy . Today , I will explain the moral values of Reservation .

What is Reservation?
     In layman's terms , Reservation refers to the presence of pre reserved seats in the sectors of govt. Jobs educational institutions and legislature for certain sections of the population . It is also called positive discrimination .

The emergence of Reservation 
      In India after independence , the socially and economically backword communities i.e. the scheduled castes , Scheduled tribes , Other backword classes and also the economically backword generals are facing a kind of problems in getting equal opportunities as others get . This brought the idea of Reservation in our nation .

Benefits of Reservation 
     Reservation provides nourishment to the weaker section of the society including SCs , STs , OBCs , dalits and many minority communities . It helps them to come to the main stream of the society . It promotes the development of their educational status , standard of living , health care etc . It gives them a chance to be a part in the government bodies .

Dark side of Reservation 
   " When a fruit ripes excess , it spoils "  
Like this Its true that when someone is provided enormous facilities , he doesn't wish to work hard and plant a hope of getting the remaining needs themselves . On the other hand , those who are not given any extra provisions have to work twice and thrice but don't succeed . 

In many cases , It drags them to great depressions and breaks their hard spirits . Despite of their vast knowledge and superb talents , many poor students don't get any reserved seats and fail to achieve their goals . In the same prospect , many students having rich family backgrounds get reservation only because they belong to the so called lower castes !!!!!!!!

     But , now the problem has solved to just a little extent as the 10% reservation bill for poor generals has passed the parliamentary test . Still their are no. of controversies seen on the caste based reservation . 
      Now , give your opinion that whether talent should get more priority or caste .    

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