AI - Artificial Intelligence

Introduction :-

 Now a days, mental & physical workloads are so high that human beings are trying to find alternatives to replace themselves. After computer machinaries, they have developed AI ( Artificial intelligence ).

What is AI ?
   In computer science, AI ( Artificial intelligence ) refers to the stimulation of human intelligence processed by machines, especially computer systems. It includes learning, reasoning, speech recognisation, self coordination, etc.

Various kinds of AI  :-

  ➲    The types of AI those can make predictions but have no memories and can't use past experiences to inform future ones . e.g. Deep blue , the IBM chess that can identity pieces on chess board and make predictions and possible moves . Google's alphaGo also comes in this category .

 ➲    These AI systems can use past experiences to inform future decisions.
e.g. Some features of the self driving cars are designed in this way. These observations are not stored permanently.

Application of AI Technology :-

  In today's world, AI Technology has been used in a number of  fields. Some of them are explained below.

⚝  AI in Healthcare :-

AI like IBM Watson understands natural language and respond to questions asked to it. Chatbots, a computer program used online to answer questions and assist customers, to help schedule follow-up appointments or aid patients through the billing process.

 ⚝   AI in business & finance :-

Machine learning algorithms are being used to easily deal the costumers. Chatbots have been incorporated into websites to provide immediate service to customers. AI has been placed at cash counters to promote secure payments. Presence of AI enhance the quality of financial services. 

⚝   AI in education :-

AI can automate grading, giving educators more time. AI modernizes the study of students and teach according to their needs. AI can provide additional support to students also at home with the help of mobile and computer apps.

⚝   AI in law & order:-

In countries like Dubai, police stations are automated. Policemen are replaced by AI. Anyone who comes there to report any issues, report problems in Assistance of AI. In dubai, when some one breaks traffic rules, the fine amount is automatically deducted from the bank account of the accused person.

Conclusion :- 

As a whole, we found AI very beneficial and time conservative. But, at last a general question arises in our minds that wheather the replacement of human beings by machines & AI is good or bad. Doesn't it affect the efficiency of human resources ! Does it make them lazy and effortless ???

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