What is Cyber crime ?

Introduction :-

  In this modern world of computer science and technology, all of you are familiar with the criminal activities that happens in the day to day world. Let's now have some information about these illegal acts.

    Any criminal activity (e.g. hacking, phishing, spamming) done through
computer or any electronic device with the help of internet is called Cybercrime. Cybercriminals or hackers may use computer technology to access your personal information like trade secrets, banking card details, ID numbers & passwords etc.

10 Types of cybercrimes :-

 Cybercrime comprises a wide range of activities which may either target the device or the user and his/her personal data. Some of those are discussed below. 

↪️ Fraud 
It is a layman term used when someone is cheated through internet services. It can take place by altering, destroying, stealing personal data and information. It may lead to both the loss of money & privacy.

↪️ Hacking 
Hacking causes the partial or complete malfunctioning within a system, network or website. It also aims to access important data and private informations. Most of the hackers attack corporate and govt. accounts.

↪️ Scamming 
Scam happens in a variety of ways. In cyberspace, scamming can be done by offering computer repairs, network troubleshooting and IT support services, forcing users to spend thousands of money for cyber problems that doesn't even exist. 

↪️ Computer viruses 
Many criminals take advantage of viruses to get unauthorized access to systems and steal important data. Hackers send viruses, malware and Trojans to infect and desolate computer systems. Viruses can spread through internet and removable devices like USBs.

↪️ Ransomware 
It is one of the most destructive kind of malware that enters computer networks and encrypts files and informations. In 2016, over 638 million computer networks are affected by ransomware. In 2017, over $5 billion is the total loss due to global ransomware. 

↪️ DDoS Attack
The DDoS ( Distributed Denial of Service ) attack is one of the most popular method of hacking. It temporarily or completely interrupts servers and networks which were properly running before. They want to make the website unavailable for the users by fixing some technical errors. When the viewers pay attention to the DDoS Attacks, the hackers get a chance and sufficient time to hack the system.

↪️ Botnets 
Remote attackers named "bot headers" control the Botnets in order to attack computers and mobile phones by sending spams or malwares. Botnets are specially designed to attack the information technology infrastructures i.e. the businesses and governments. In order to protect the devices from the attack of Botnets, botnet removal tools are available on the web.

↪️ Spamming 
In case of Spamming, electronic messaging systems i.e. E-mails  are used in sending messages that host malwares, fake web links and other malicious programmes. Email spamming is gradually gaining popularity in today's world. We can see there a bulk of fake messages from unknown organisations, companies and insecure websites. It offers exclusive deals, promos and a large variety of attractive components to the innocent users.

↪️ Phishing 
These fellow phishers act like a legitimate company or organisation and use email spoofing to extract confidential informations such as banking card details, security passwords,etc. They steal huge amount of money from the bank accounts of the users. 

We can define Cyberstalking as following a person anonymously. The stalker will virtually follow the victim, keeping an eye on his/her activities. Most of the victims of Cyberstalking are females. 

Impact of cybercrime on society :-

 Cybercrime has a variety of adverse effects on our society. It leads to the spreading of a hidden scare of being  cheated on social media via internet. That's why users are lacking belief on internet and it's virtual world. Cybercrime not only leads to financial loss due to scams and frauds but also promotes the loss of privacy and important datas.

How to protect yourself from cyber attacks :-

 Here we have found some ways to be protected from these scams and frauds by following the protectives suggested below. 

(Online Offers) We shouldn't believe on unfamilar emails having exclusive deals and promos of 80% - 90% offs or get it for free by sharing with friends etc. 

(Identity theft and fraud) Before providing our Biodata, security passwords , payment details to any website, we should must check it's privacy policy page and the presence of https in its url because here (s) tells that the site is secure.

(Ads and Short links) while using internet we usually see a lot of ads and short links which we shouldn't click because these sites may redirect us to another harmful site.

(Permissions and cookies) When we are browsing a website, we should read all the terms and conditions before allowing any permission and cookies. These make our data insecure. 

(Mod APKs) We shouldn't download any app which is not verified by google play protects (mod apks). We should download all the applications only from trusted and reliable sources like google or iPhone play stores.

Conclusion :-

 In my point of view, we can reduce cybercrimes by spreading awareness about it. When a person is aware about his/her privacy and security, no matter how dangerous the cyber attack maybe, he/she will not become a victim of it. 

             So, let's start from you.

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