Vanamahotsav in India

Hey guys! Wassup. In these corona times as all of us are locked down in our homes, we can't celebrate the Vanamahotsav this year with a huge gathering. But still we can't avoid such an important festival in India.

So today, we will discuss some crucial points about the Vanamahotsav, which will dignify it's centrality in our country. So, first of all i would like to put some light on it's origin and it's historical aspects. 

In the year of 1950, Mr. K. M. Munshi, the then union minister for agriculture and food, suggested a massive plantation programme to create an enthusiasm in the mind of people so that they would think for the conservation of forest and it's sustainable usage. 

From that day every year in the month of July, a specific week (i.e. 1st july - 7 july in 2020) is decided to celebrate the tree plantation festival, the so called Vanamahotsav. In this week, millions of trees are planted all over the India. And about the importance of trees, all of you know very well. I don't think it's needed to be explained. 

Then come to it's importance in a developing country like india. See, in our nation every day some construction and manufacturing works are done. For an instance, somewhere trees are cut down to make homes in those lands or in somecases deforestation occurs for the construction of railway tracks, Dams and many factories. 

But whatever the factor may be the sufferers are the benevolent trees and their stake-holders. Being a practical guy as i perceive, we can neither totally stop these development works nor can see deforestation in our localities. 

So, by putting everything in a nutshell, i'd like to conclude that the no. of trees that're planted should be more than the figure we cut down. In India, our current population is more than 1.35 billion. So, if most of the population even plant a single tree a year, then we'll get more than 1 billion trees a year. 

From these figures, i think you'll get my point what i mean to say. According to our current situation, we very badly require this figure of availability of trees to be increased in our environment. That's my time.      ♥️ Thank you ♥️

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