What is Hantavirus and how does it spread ?

Introduction :-
As we all know that now a days Corona(COVID-19) is spreading rapidly through out the globe. While the whole world is trying to get rid of the pandemic Corona virus, another virus named Hanta virus has shown one of it's glance in china with 1 death case registered(on 24/03/2020). He was going to the Shandong province from Yunnan province by bus.

What is Hantavirus?
Hantavirus(Orthohantavirus) is basically a virus of the Family :- Hantaviridae and Order :- Bunyavirales. It normally infects the rodents (a kind of rat) but doesn't cause any disease in them.
In America, Hantaviruses are known as "New world" hantaviruses and can cause Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS). In Asia and Europe, Hantaviruses are known as "Old world" hantaviruses and may cause Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome(HFRS).

How does it transmit?
From the infected rodents, it further spreads to human beings through direct contact with rodent urine, saliva and faeces. Also spreads through rodent bites. A person is also infected by breathing (Airborne Transmission) the contaminated air with the hantavirus (i.e present in rodent's drouplets releases)

Symptoms of Hantavirus :-
According to US' Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC), the early symptoms of this infection are fatigue, fever and muscle ache, especially in thighs, hips, back and shoulders. Headaches, dizziness, chills and abdominal problems like vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and abdominal pains are also seen in these cases.

Treatment for Hantavirus :-
Yet, there is no specific treatment, cure and vaccine for this virus has been discovered. In intensive cases, patients are treated with oxygen therapy in severe respiratory distress.

Conclusion :- 
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