How to stabilise your concentration while studying?

Introduction :-
Hey! what's up. Today we'll talk about the ways to be focused on our studies or any kind of stuff that needs deep concentration and active mindset. As we are living in a modern society, a no. of distractions are there to divert us from our goals. So, just go for this as it's the need of the hour.

What infact happens during the study hours :-
There is nothing more annoying than when you sit down at your study table to read with the most sincerity & 100% concentration and instead of being able to complete the task, in the other hand, you'll find your thoughts pondering here and there. 

However, certain techniques are there that can help you to enhance your concentration. "Your level of concentration depends upon a number of factors." said by Samuel Ghosh, a social counsellor. "If you want to concentrate for a long period of time, its very important to analyse various facts of your physical and internal surrounding." she adds.

Things you should avoid while studying :-
To initiate, one should try to make the physical atmosphere that must conduce focused thoughts. Replace all those sources of distraction i.e TV, radio or any kind of noisy atmosphere.

Let's consider, you reside in a very noisy surrounding, you may think of to plan your study hours in a library nearby you. In case, your residence is near a market area, you should plan your studies while the market is closed. 

Ghosh contradicts the conception that some one can study despite of the annoying noise and distracting sounds. "If you get disturbed then your attentiveness comparatively decreases. None of our two senses can give their 100% efforts togetherly." She adds.

It means even listening your favourite music during study hampers your concentration. It forces you to start tapping your toes on the floor. Placement of your study table before the window is not advisable too.

"If you yourself don't wanna stable your thoughts then the all I told, will not servs any purpose to you. Always try to fluctuate less as far as possible. Don't look here and there out side the window, while studying.

Set short goals & intervals in study hours :- 
The second most crucial thing, Ghosh advises, is to set small goals instead of setting a big goal and start trying to complete it even in a haphazard manner.

 You should decide what you have to complete in a given time period. The human mind more properly recognises fixed targets and appreciates schedules rather than random thoughts. Once you organise your thoughts in a line, a focused system will be followed of.

She(Ghosh) suggests you to divide your schedule into study and entertaining hours. Study should be a mix of subjects i.e both your liked and disliked ones. It will not let you be bored of it.

For example, if you like literature more than mathematics then do maths first, then after it's completion go for literature. Because if you'll read your favourite stuffs then you will not wish to do maths. So doing literature later will also seems to be like a goal for you.

Sanity of your state of mind :-
Avoid long sittings for more than 1 to 1.5 hours at a time. Then go for a short refreshment eg. a cup of tea or coffee, listen to your favourite music, etc. But keep it in your mind that the break must not last for more than 10 to 15 minutes as it will effect your willingness to read again

But at no cost you should get discouraged of maintaining the decorum, you made earlier. Focus is a matter of discipline and needs quite a long time to reach upto it's peak.

Conclusion :-
According to my perceptions, the vital requisite to achieve these study goals is having perseverance and being determined to maintain continuity in your swearing. Hope this post might help even a little to concentrate on your studies.

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