Unemployment - A major problem in india

Introduction :-
     Unemployment refers to the state of being incapable of getting a work according to our qualification. It may be seasonal unemployment i.e. lack of work in some particular seasons or disguised unemployment i.e. engagement of unnecessary extra labours in a work. It demoralises them and they are forced to do undesirable things. They may commit crimes. They may create trouble and spread discontent. In fact, they are a source of danger to society and the state.

Causes of Unemployment :-
     Some major causes of Unemployment are stated below. The causes of unemployment are mainly the rapid growth of population, the prevailing system and under-development of industry and trade. The population of India is growing very rapidly. It is very difficult to get jobs for all who are in need of it. The British govt. had introduced a system of education in this country for carrying on administration only. It is being continued in free India also with very slight changes. The system of education prepares most young men to be clerks. Yeah! its not good to listen but the real fact. 

Effects :-
Cottage industries in the villages, have been dragged into great loss and dept while trying to accelerate their infrastructure and finance. Consequently, many artisans and workers have been thrown out of employment. There has been great pressure on agricultural land because of the growth of population; consequently, many cultivators have got no land for cultivation. 

All these are mainly responsible for this acute problem of unemployment.
The acute problem of unemployment is a cause of agitation in the country. So the Govt. is seriously thinking over the matter and trying to find out a remedy. 

Steps taken by the Govt :-
↪ Remedy is to find work for the people. The Government had earlier undertaken five-year plans for the material prosperity of the country. For carrying out these plans many mills and factories had been set up both by the Government and by industrialists. Many new offices had been started. Many educated young men were absorbed in offices as clerks and in mills and factories as skilled workers. Uneducated and unskilled men were being absorbed in mills and factories as labourers. But these measures have been proved inadequate.

 ↪ Our government is now encouraging the revival of cottage industries in the villages. This will help many villagers to earn a living. Our Government is also trying to develop agriculture. But as yet, it has not been able to cope with the situation fully. The number of unemployed persons is increasing. So our Government should allow establishment of number of large and small technical and vocational institutions in the country. 
After coming out of these, they may find jobs in factories and commercial firms. For this, of course, more factories must be set up throughout the country. Unskilled labourers should be taught various traits in technical institutes. They may find jobs in factories as skilled labourers. They may also set up cottage industries in their villages. 

     At last, I wanna figure out another main cause of unemployment is that many of this current youth want to be employees not entrepreneurs. They wish to do job, not to be a job provider. Govt. will have to help them with loans to start their work. It is heartening to find that our Government has already taken some steps in this direction. Nationalised banks are now giving lump sum loans to intending young persons under self employment schemes.

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