What is Déjà vu ?

Have you ever felt that once you have visited a temple for the first-time and still you think that you are familar with it's walls and it's environment or You are having a conversation with one of your friend about a topic and many often you think of the mystery that you have had that conversation earlier...

     That's what today we are gonna discuss. This unnatural phenomenon is called "Déjà vu". It's a french word which makes you feel to be familiar earlier but no recollection of it's occurrence. In other words Déjà vu means "already seen" or "happened before". Many times you have felt that the present you are dealing with, is a flash back of your past life.

According to a scientific survey, It is known that the 60-70 % of us have even once felt the experience of Déjà vu. It makes us bound to feel the past and present simultaneously at a time which is even beyond possibilities. 

Different people have given many different notions regarding the effects of Déjà vu.

Hypothetical concepts :

↪  The religious belivers relates the Déjà vu with the concept of Rebirth (punar-janma). They think that the God make us acquaint with the virtue and sin as the incidents of our previous birth.

↪  Some scientists believe that the concept of parallel universe may exist behind the phenomenon Déjà vu. Which leads to the effect of being familar but no remembrance of it.

Scientific explanations :

↪  Researchers believe that Déjà vu is likely a memory phenomenon. It can occur when someone encounters a scenario that is similar to an actual memory but they fail to recall that. Part of the brain that makes us feel familiarity is somehow activated without triggering others areas associated with memory.

↪  Another possibility is that a small seizure occurs in brain regions essential for memory formation and retrieval. With Déjà vu a brief synaptic misfiring might occur in these areas creating the illusion that the event has already occurred before.

That's why people with temporal-lobe epilepsy often experience Déjà vu right before experiencing a seizure. These abnormal electrical discharges may occur in everyone else, especially people in their teens and twenties, but on a smaller scale.

↪  Deja vu could be some sort of malfunctioning between the long and short term circuits in the brain, which means new informations may take a shortcut straight to the long-term memory. This keeps over the mechanism of the brain normally used to store information so it could make us feel like we are experiencing something from the past.

↪  In another study, researchers triggered Déjà vu by encouraging false memories in the minds of the study participants. when they looked at the functional MRI scans, they found it wasn't the part of their brain related to memory, but instead the part related to the decision-making that lit up while they were experiencing déjà vu. 

Conclusion :
According to the above studies we can conclude that if you are experiencing Déjà vu a few times in a year, it's totally normal. There is nothing to be worried about it. 

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