Depression: Accept It, Tackle It

Introduction :-

     Depression is likely a state of mental disorder accompanied with excessive sadness and loss of interests in enjoyable things and low motivation etc. 

     According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), depression is expected to become the second leading cause of disease in the world. Many prescribed solutions offer temporary relief but offer no permanent solution. 

Causes of Depression :-

Stress is caused by attributing problems to other persons instead of understanding the law of nature.

↪️ Non-acceptance of reality :-
     It stops the human brain to accommodate with the real world and denies to accept his/her misfortune that had already happened. 

↪️ Clash of interests :-

     It is a situation, where a person face difficulties to select one of the two given options. This conflict can also drag the person into great depression and stress. 

Ways to de-stress :-

Given are some of the ways to bring us out of Depression and Stress.

Exercise, eat and sleep :-
     When we do exercise on regular basis, It brings calmness and stability in our mind. Taking a healthy diet and proper sleep have also come as some good resultants.

Engage yourself in new hobbies :-
     When we feel depressed, a number of bad thoughts come across our mind and stuck us in our dark past. Our engagement in new hobbies will also avoid over thinking and reduce stress. 

Develop positive thinking & attitude :-
     Always try to think positive and be a realistic person. Don't lack patience & try to accept the truth. A positive attitude will always reflect a gentle personality with a new zeal. 

Enjoy watching comedy vines :- 
     Comedy videos, jocks, entertaining movies also help to a large extent to decrease stress and tension. It drags our mind away from the darkness of depression to the brightness of relaxation and happiness. 

Take anti-depression tablets :- 
     If your level of Depression doesn't fall down after following the given methods then anti-depression tablets are very helpful. But if the issue still remains then you should consult a psychiatrist. 

Conclusion :-

     Depression is all about a state of mental disturbance related to human psychology. That's why after hundreds of attempts, someone can't get rid of stress and tension until he/she mentally prepares to deal with it. 

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