How does GPS work ?

Introduction :-

Global positioning system (GPS) is a sapce based navigation system that provides genuine informations about location and time inspite of all types of wheather conditions. This is a wide network of around 30 satellites orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 20,000 km.
     Initially it was developed by the US government to navigate the military force. But now any one can access it with a GPS device i.e. SatNav, mobiles, handheld GPS units etc.

     In our Earth, at least 4 satellites are available 24×7 which steadily transfer informations about their positions in the current time. These signals, travelling at a high speed are intercepted by our GPS receivers which calculates it's distance and the time duration to reach the message upto us.

     When you GPS device knows the distance from at least 3 satellites, it becomes able to pinpoint your current location using a process called Trilateration. 

Trilateration :-

     Just imagine that you are standing some where on the earth with the three satellites A, B & C above you. If your distance from satellite A is known then you are somewhere on the red circle. Similarly in case of B & C, the same criteria is followed. Then the point of intersection of the three circle determines your location.

     The working phenomenon of GPS is just like this. That just uses overlapping spheres instead of circles. The more no. of satellites over your horizon, the more exact & accurate your positioning is.

GPS & Relativity :-

     There are atomic clocks on the satellite to maintain the accuracy of time. However, General and special relativity predict the existence of a difference between the time of the atomic clock in respect to a simple clock in Earth. 

      The prediction made by General relativity explains that the time seems to run slower in a strong gravitational pull. That's why the time runs faster in the board of the satellite. 

     Further each of GPS receivers have developed a mechanism of microcomputer that helps in better calculation of positions using 3D Trilateration, database computing etc.

    Conclusion :-

      Relativity is not just an abstract of mathematical derivation, but understanding it is more essential for our global navigation system to work properly......With the passes of time, it becomes easier to gather accurate and genuine location of any person you want... which is also being used in a wrong manner and for illegal acts too.... So please be aware and use the advanced technology and science in practical and helpful way....

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